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Galvanized Chinese box trailer review

Galvanized Chinese box trailer review

How good are chinese made trailers?

This is my review on  a galvanized Chinese box trailer. I purchased one a little while ago, now while I do believe in buying a locally made anything vs an overseas model, I didn’t in this case due to a substantial price difference. 

Overall the trailer performs well, the only issue I have found so far is the rear tailgate hinges are quite soft. If you let the tail gate swing down it will bend the hinges making the gate harder to close.

Take a look at my video below for more information

Where to buy a Chinese Trailer

If you’re looking to purchase a trailer, the best place to start is online, naturally! Now, I found my trailer by using Gumtree, which is a similar site to Craigslist. 

You will notice that there are many different brand names, all selling the same design of trailer! This is how easy it is to spot a chinese trailer without even having to go to their website

Take note of the way the trailer is constructed, such as the raised tie down loop above the wheel. These are dead a give-away that you’re looking at a chinese trailer.

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